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Ancient Martial Arts for the Modern Warrior

Tengu House offers the best martial and healing arts
to bring you to your best
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Foundational. Real. Fundamental.

 We teach core principles that set a foundation you can use to improve all endeavors of your life. Whether you are a professional warrior or someone who just wants to defend yourself and loved ones, you can find your path here.

We do this through teaching the most effective external martial arts, including Muay Thai Kickboxing, Tae Kwon Do, and Filipino Lightning Stick Kali and internal martial arts such as Tai Chi, Chi Kung, and Taoist Yoga. 

We also offer Acupuncture and Herbs to support you on your journey to optimal health and strength.


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"After training at Tengu House, my core is strong and my spirit is quiet."

Master Joe Nelson

Master Joe Nelson is the founder of Tengu House. He has been practicing internal and external martial arts for over 40 years and is a second-generation acupuncturist. Merging his martial art expertise with his medical knowledge, Joe embodies the ancient ways of true martial arts and healing, bringing these practices together in today’s modern world to help his students and patients realize their true potential – externally and internally. 

His accomplishments in both the world of healing and fighting follow the ancient tradition of acupuncturists who were both physicians and warriors.   


Master Joe Nelson developed a Tai Chi & Chi Kung program for Parkinson’s disease patients that is renowned in the field  outperforming other Tai Chi programs due to its simplicity and focus on core principles.  Patients participating in a university hospital's  research project using Master Joe Nelson’s system were 18 times less likely to fall than those who did not train using this program.  Motor function of patients who did not train in this system decreased at a 17.4% higher rate.  Due to its groundbreaking success, the program was cited in over 25 academic publications.

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