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Joe Nelson

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Joe Nelson is the founder of Tengu House.  Merging his martial art expertise with his medical knowledge, Joe embodies the ancient ways of true martial arts and healing, bringing these practices together in today's modern world to help his students and patients realize their true potential – externally and internally.


His accomplishments in both the world of healing and fighting follow the ancient tradition of acupuncturists who were both physicians and warriors.   He has been practicing internal and external martial arts for over 40 years and is a second-generation acupuncturist. 

Internal Martial Arts

Joe is on the forefront of the scientific application of internal martial arts to medical issues.  Joe developed a Tai Chi & Chi Kung program for Parkinson’s disease patients that was proven in a federally funded study to reduce falls, one of the leading causes of death in seniors and a significant issue for Parkinson’s patients.  After 3 months of participation in the study, patients were found 18 times less likely to fall than the control group who did not participate in classes.  Joe’s program was cited in 25 academic publications.





External Martial Arts

Joe uses his 40+ years of martial arts training with the best masters in the world in Tae Kwon Do, Filipino Kali, Western boxing, Muay Thai kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and wrestling to bring to both kids and adults the most effective techniques in a safe environment.  As one of the few Marine Corps Weapons Instructors for Surveillance, Reconnaissance, and Intelligence Group (SRIG), Joe taught many of the most elite Marines how to improve their firearm skills.  He’s taught the best of the best to be better and can do the same for you.


As one of the few American second generation acupuncturists and medically proven Chi Kung masters, Joe was raised in his family’s healing arts.  He specializes in addressing acute and chronic pain, as well as reducing stress and optimizing health.  He has been practicing for 20 years as a NCCAOM Board Certified Acupuncture Physician.

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