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As a second-generation NCCAOM Board Certified acupuncturist, Joe has over 20 years' experience treating and healing patients. 


He studied under his mother, Dr. Genara Holladay, holder of a Korean 5 element acupuncture system, and Dr. Richard Tan, creator of the internationally renowned Balance System.

Using these systems which are known for their effectiveness, Joe takes an integrative approach to healing, using both his knowledge of acupuncture and the martial arts to develop treatment programs suited for each individual’s needs and long-term health. 

Many people try acupuncture for the first time after exhausting other options. From migraines to low back pain, they are looking for alternatives to pain medication or surgery.  We specialize in treating pain and relieving stress and can address many other ailments and diseases.

We encourage patients to use acupuncture and herbal formulas for maintaining and optimizing health.  Acupuncture can help the body maintain homeostasis, to keep it balanced and ready to defend against illness and disease.  Historically, acupuncturists viewed a physician’s role as to offer preventative treatments designed to keep the body at its optimal peak condition.  This is in stark contrast to today’s medical system which treats the patient once they are already sick.  Acupuncture fends disease off at the path before it manifests.   As an ancient proverb stays "Dig the well before you are thirsty."

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Master Joe Nelson was raised in a family dedicated to the healing arts.  He continues this tradition in his practice and brings the years of family knowledge to his patients.  

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Genara Holladay

M.D., D.A.O.M., Pharm. D., Ph.D., NCCAOM Board Certified Acupuncturist

Joe’s mother, Dr. Genara Holladay, has been working in healthcare for over 50 years.  Having served as the Director of Pharmacy at Humana Hospital Orange Park Medical Center before moving into private acupuncture practice, Dr. Holladay's breadth of understanding of the medical profession helps her bring the best practices and treatments to her patients.  While at Grandmaster Kang's mother's temple in Korea, she learned and inherited Dr. Go's family held 5 element acupuncture system.  She also studied under Dr. Tan and implements his Balance System, widely known for its effectiveness, in her practice.  She has trained in Chi Kung and meditation for over 55 years.

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Jim Nelson

Doctor of Naturopathy

Joe’s father, Jim Nelson, specialized in naturopathy and neuromuscular integration, a structural bodywork system designed to create significant change in the body’s structural alignment through releasing the fascia system.  Fascia is a multi-layered,  electrical conducting, connective tissue network throughout our body that wraps around muscles and organs.  The electrical conduits of the body, in acupuncture they are called meridians, are housed in this tissue.  When healthy, the fascia is smooth, open, and flexible.  Stress, age, injury, and overuse can tighten and bind the fascia throughout the body, as the fascia becomes thicker, stickier, and drier, causing pain, impeding motion, and blocking meridians.  Releasing this tissue network has profound impact by helping muscle systems release, allowing the skeletal system to move back into proper alignment.  It also opens up the highways for the transfer of electrical current through the meridians.  Joe learned the importance of structural alignment to the health of the body through his father’s decades of practice and uses it as a cornerstone of his practice.


“After a pole is placed under the sun, a shadow should immediately appear.”

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