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When you don't know, train.
     When you do know,
          train harder.  
                        ~Joe Nelson

Martial Arts

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Kickboxing & Muay Thai

Tengu Tough

We teach elite combat skills in a completely safe environment - from teaching beginners to empower themselves with easy to learn, effective techniques to refining advanced students. 

We focus on ambidextrous training using Muay Thai, Tae Kwon Do, and western boxing. One of the benefits of ambidextrous training is that it engages the whole brain in a combat setting, while balancing and equally training both sides of the body.  This is the future of martial arts and athletic training.

If you are serious about transformative training - whether for health and fitness or to learn to truly defend yourself - this is the training for you.

Tae Kwon Do for Kids

Tengu House offers Olympic style Tae Kwon Do training for kids and families as a foundational art.  Tae Kwon Do provides students with techniques that will translate to other arts, as our emphasis is on form, function, efficiency, and discipline.  We teach this in a professional, fun, and safe environment.

A traditional Korean martial art, Tae Kwon Do emphasizes kicking and punching, but it also spans to include other forms of self-defense, such as joint manipulation.  Literally, the way of the hand and foot, Tae Kwon Do emphasizes fast, efficient kicking with strong, one-strike philosophy style punches.  It is a fun, safe, and fundamental art.

We offer advancement through the Kukkiwon belt system as a member of  World Tae Kwon Do, formerly known as the World Tae Kwon Do Federation.


Lightning Stick Filipino Weapons

Master Joe  Nelson has been practicing the Philippine martial art of Kali (also known as Arnis or Escrima) for over 37 years.  He was inspired and guided by his Grandfather, Cleto Martinez, from the Visayas region of the Philippine islands, known as the cradle of Kali.   He was taught by Grand Master Tu Han Caisun and Grandmaster John Kang, who as a young master studied with Grand Master Caisun.

Through Grandmasters Kang and Caisun, Joe learned the Lightning Stick style of Filipino Kali, the style of the most southern island of the Philippines.  Joe continues his Filipino family heritage by integrating Kali techniques into the external martial arts systems taught at Tengu House.


Grandmaster Um


Grandmasters John & Azalea Kang

Tae Kwon Do

Filipino Weapons

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Grandmaster Caisun


The United States Marine Corps

Snake Pit Boxing

Camp Lejeune, NC



Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Wrestling

Thank you to these teachers along the way  –

Marcus Aurelio  (American Top Team, Coconut Creek, FL)

Alvin "The Kid" Robinson ( Grudge fka T’s KO Fight Club))

Nick Kline (Kline Brothers Jiu Jitsu)

Tyler "The Thunder" Toner

Reid Delman

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